Long-term rental

An excellent form of using the car for individuals and enterprises. Individual customers gain a financially attractive form of using a chosen vehicle, and Entrepreneurs additionally use fleet management.


Entrusting operational tasks that are not related to the main activity of the company to other companies specialising in these matters is a worldwide trend that is becoming more and more popular, and thus testifying to the enormous benefits resulting from it. Long-term Rental is such a form of outsourcing.

It consists in making the vehicle available for use for a period from 1 to 5 years. It is used as an alternative to a classic lease or purchase of a car. The customer paying only a fixed, monthly rate, uses the car by bearing only fuel costs. The rent installment includes the costs of maintenance, servicing, insurance policy, as well as the purchase of tires, together with their storage and seasonal replacement. After a joint analysis of the customer’s needs, the best possible options regarding the make, model, engine type, additional equipment, time of rent and the required mileage limit are selected. An additional advantage is the possibility of modifying the last two parameters during the rent.


comprehensive technical service
of rented vehicles


OC AC and NW full liability
insurance package


full support, including
a replacement car

24-hour technical helpline

We are available 24 hours a day

and storage of tires

Replacement of tires is carried out at the place and time agreed with the Customer

Permanent, predictable costs of car maintenance, repayment of only the difference between the purchase price and the assumed resale value (resale), no requirement to commit your capital, which can be spent on achieving higher profits from your own business, are certainly undeniable arguments for choosing a long-term rental.

Are you an entrepreneur and do not want to spend much money on maintaining your company’s fleet? Choose a long-term rental! It’s a great solution when you hire new employees who need company cars or want to increase the vehicle fleet while maintaining low costs. During the rental period, you only pay for the vehicle’s usage and you do not pay back its full market value (as in leasing).

A long-term lease agreement is accompanied by a car service offer. Choose a long-term rental and save money in your company. Have a car in accordance with your own needs, and we will cover operating expenses and service.

What does a long-term rental service contain?

  • The possibility of using pre-contracted cars (providing the car from day to day).

  • Analysis and selection of the best fleet options tailored to customers’ needs.

  • Order, registration and preparation of vehicles to be delivered to customers.

  • Financing the fleet (at a fixed rate of %).

  • OC + AC + GAP insurance

  • Full management and financing of car service support: guarantee and post-guarantee inspections, replacement of components subject to wear in accordance with proper exploitation.

  • Assistance with 24/7 access to Technical Helpline

  • Organisation of liquidation of motor claims throughout the whole country.

  • Tire management (purchase, storage and seasonal replacement).

  • Providing replacement vehicles in the event of immobilisation of contract vehicles.

  • Collective invoice.

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